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The Ballet Dancer

Here I am going to give u sneak peak of the ballet dancer. This is one of portfolio content. For this I used Maya for modeling, hair, rig setup and Zbrush and Photoshop for texturing.

Here is a quick view of the female dancer along with the textures and its uv map

Here r the detailed pics of the male dancer with edgeloops and also texture maps and uv maps

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purva said...

Hello Vinay ,
I saw your reel its very nice. Although I would not include the hand animation in that reel. I don't know if you have rigged the ballet dancers or not.
1.But if possible try to change the facial expressions of both the ballet dancers so they look more realistic and less rigid.Also the lady dancer needs a tiny bit of make up.Actually you might show them with two different sets of costumes to highlight your texturing skills as well. where one costume is the current one with minimalistic chic makeup having a natural look. While the other where the costume is with sequencis & embroidery & all like pro ballet dancers with a little stylistic makeup.It would be good idea to ref to loreal , lisie watier websites for references. Its a very unique approach for a modelling reel.
2.Try to complete the reptile instead of just showing the head shot.
3. If you are interested in animation try & create a separate reel for animation. Where you can take the same ballet dancers & animate a ballet .

contd from scrap below..
4. When approaching professional studios for work remove the part which says (thankful to etc.) Just keep your name & contact info .
Actually in your current reel it would be better if you keep the contact info for a little longer.
Also I donno if its coz of you tube 's compression but try some experimental lighting setups & shadow set ups.Coz since your showing a ballet you can experiment with lighting.
Other than that its really good.In the final one as well don't worry about adding music. As most studios switch off speakers when viewing reels.
All the Best!!