3D Models/Sculpts


VelascA- Princess of Darkness

A still from one of the wips done for the DW4 Competition.

This is the story of the warrior princess who lost her kingdom and her warriors in the battle against the demons. As the demons won the battle they instilled all their demonish powers into the warrior turning her into a fierce Demon princess. Now demons taking the control over the kingdom reborn all the dead giving them the powers of dark and making them fight for darkness.

The demon princess with the power of death and darkness over powers humans and machines in this battle of the survival. She is being called with the name VELASCA-The Darkness Princess.

Her clothes torned and armor changed. Her dark eyes and bloody lips with blood dripping over. Her nails grew large. The darkness armor engulfing her whole body, her legs and arms. And as the time will pass her whole body will be changed into demon and gradually gain more and more fierce powers.

She is carrying double sword. She can throw the powers of darkness from her hands and with her sword too, which is more fierce.

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